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Salary Guide for the Filipino Nurse Working in the Philippines
Jun 13, 2008

People say that the main reason why so many Filipino nurses leave the country is because of the low salary that they receive here. That is indeed true. Some hospitals in the country pay their nurses as low as Php3,000 a month.


Government hospitals and big companies may pay higher; but, it is still a huge difference to what nurses earn abroad. The salaries of Filipino nurses may be low in the Philippines, but the fact is that not every Filipino nurse can acquire an overseas job right after board exams. He/she still need to work in the local circuit to gain valuable experience. Therefore, the Filipino nurse still has to endure a few months of local wages.


Below is a representation of the average starting salary that a Filipino nurse earns in the Philippines:

Salary Guide for Nurses in the Philippines
Type of Institution Average Starting Salary
Clinics and Small Privately Owned HospitalsP170 - 250/day or P4K – P5K/month
(Government Operated) Provincial Hospitals and Health CentersP5K – 7K/month
Privately Owned Hospitals (300 Bed capacity of More)P5K – P7K/month
Government Hospitals (300 Bed Capacity of More)P6K – P9K/month


As you can see, small privately owned hospitals and clinics pay their nurses the least. The turnover of nurses in these institutions is quick and these types of hospitals and clinics are constantly hiring. The same also goes for small provincial hospitals and health centers owned and operated by the Philippine Government.


Large and multinational institutions on the other hand, pay more than small hospitals do. However, their starting salary is still lower compared to government-owned medical centers. The higher salary margin is the reason why there are a lot of nurses that flock to these institutions. Nurse turnover is also quite fast here because a lot of their employees are constantly leaving for abroad.


Pre-service Trainings

For hospitals to ensure that they hire only the best, they would often require their applicants to undergo Pre-Service trainings. Smaller hospitals and clinics require a training period of 2 weeks to 1 month while big companies and government institutions require an extensive 3 or 6 months training. Most hospitals require a certain a fee from their trainees depending on their chosen area. Training fees can reach as much as Php 4K. This can be a very tough period for an entry level nurse as he/she will have to go without salary for the period of training. That is the reason why some nurses are deterred from entering big hospitals because of the training period that they require.

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