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Direct Hiring of Nurse’s to New Zealand
Jun 27, 2008

New Zealand is one of the most beautiful and most productive countries in the world. That is why it is no wonder that more and more Filipino nurses are attracted to the prospect of working in the said country. Recently there has been news that a major health care provider in New Zealand is looking into the possibility of directly hiring Filipino nurses.


This means that nurses for the Philippines no longer have to contend with recruitment agencies. Agencies that either requires expensive placement fees from applicants or those that takes big percentages from their clients’ salaries.  Local news has reported that New Zealand is in need of a whole slew of nurses to help take care of their aging population. This means that most of the Filipino nurses hired for New Zealand will be placed in nursing homes and hospices. Nurses wanting to work in the country have the option of going for an immigrant or a working visa.


Minimum Requirements There are two minimum requirements asked of a Filipino nurse before he/she can work in New Zealand. One is that the nurse must posses a minimum of 2 years experience in a hospital setting. Most health care providers prefer nurses who have worked in a Medical Surgical or Critical Care setting. The second requirement is that nurses need to pass to have a score of 7 or more (across the board) in the IELTS. This means that a nurse needs a score of 7 or more in every IELTS category. 


Benefits of Direct HiringAll this talk about direct hiring leaves people to question: What are benefits can they get from being directly hired as opposed to going through an agency? Below are a few of those benefits:


No Placement Fees – Agencies often require placement fees. This fee is compensation for the agency. It can range from 20,000 PHP to 100,000 PHP depending on the agency involved. The placement fee may include the visa processing fees as well as the airfare to the country of destination. If you opt for direct hiring, you will not have to pay a placement fee. You will however have to shell out some cash in Visa Processing.


Signing Bonus – Most hospitals offer their employees as signing bonus. This money is given the moment the employee signs a contract with the hiring institution. The money from the signing bonus is supposed to help the new employee adjust to his/her new surroundings. It is also a way for Health Care providers to draw applicants in. If you are with an agency, the agency is often the one who takes the signing bonus. You may see only a percentage of the actual amount while some don’t receive any at all.


Scams - With all employment opportunities, nurses must always be vigilant against employment scams. The number of Nurses out there who have fallen for employment scams is staggering. New Zealand in no exception! It has been reported recently that a number of Nurses have been tricked into working in New Zealand. These nurses are now being urged by both the Philippine and New Zealand employment offices to report employers to the public. The POEA has certain categories that an employer must fill in order to make them legal.   

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