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Nursing Abroad

Filipino Nurses in Europe

Filipino Nurses have been working in European countries as early as the 1930s. These nurses found their way to Europe together with their families and/or spouses. Some of the earliest Filipino-European nurses were children of Filipino Immigrants. Today, there are more Filipino in Europe than ever.

European Countries with Filipino Nurses

The following countries play host to a number of Filipino nurses. Most of these nurses are employed in hospitals or in a care homes. A handful of them work for clinics and as Private Duty Nurses. Nurses in these European countries are residing there legally. Some of them have brought their families with them while others started families in their new countries.    

·         France – It was only recently the France announced their shortage in nursing manpower. This lead the country to open its arms to Filipino nurses. But, even before that, Filipino nurses have been working in French hospitals and care homes.  The most successful ones are those who have managed to learn French and gain legal residency in France.

·         Italy – Filipinos have the 3rd largest number of Expat population in Italy. Most of them work as domestic helpers. However, the number of Filipino nurses is also growing. A lot of Filipino Nurses working in Europe prefer countries like Italy and Spain because the language is easier get used to.

·         Norway – Norway is a beautiful country in Europe. It is home to a beautiful coastline and warm people. It is also home to a substantial number of Filipino nurses.

·         Republic of Ireland – The Republic of Ireland is continuously hiring Filipino nurses. These nurses are spread throughout the small European country. They either work in hospitals or in care homes.

·         Spain – Like Italy, Spain is home to a growing Filipino community. Most of them work as domestic aides, but a number of them also work as nurses or caregivers.

·         Sweden – Sweden is one of the richest countries in Europe and the world. It is home to fantastic vistas that take your breath away. It is also one of the main European Work destinations for Filipino nurses.

·         United Kingdom – The UK was one of the very first European countries to import Filipino nurses. Today, they are tightening their immigration systems. Only the most qualified are given the chance to work in the UK. But, that does not diminish the fact that the country is home to a large concentration of Filipino and Filipino-decent health personnel.

·         Other Countries – Other European countries like Austria, Belgium, Germany, Greece and the Netherlands also play host to Filipino nurses. “Pinoy” nurses can even be found in countries such as Romania and Lithuania.

Work Environment

The European Nursing Work Environment is considered to be much better than it is here in the Philippines. Filipino nurses find that they enjoy working in European hospitals. The setting is undeniably more ideal than what can be found at home. Plus, the salary is much better. Most Filipino nurses working in Europe earn up to 500-750% more than what they earn in the Philippines.

Foreign Competition

Filipino nurses have had the nursing market wrapped around their finger for a very long time. Employees preferred them over other nationalities because of their English skills and caring nature. But that may not be the case for long. Other Asian countries are catching up. They, like the Philippines are seeing the value of the nursing market abroad.

Japan and India for instance are sending more and more nurses to work in Europe and North America. These countries churn out highly skilled and competitive graduates. And if the Filipino Nurse wants to stay afloat in the European Nursing market, he has to up the ante and improve his skills in order to be competitive.

Discrimination and Culture Differences

Discrimination is a big issue faced by most Expat Filipino nurses in Europe. But over the years, Europeans have come to respect the Filipino nurse. They have become such a fixture in the health and medical setting that no hospital would look right without them. Filipinos have also learned how to deal with any racially oppressive slurs.

New nurses may find assimilating and adjusting into their new environment difficult. Cultural differences may be so severe that they find themselves terribly homesick. The best way to avoid this is to establish a strong support group. It also helps if you try to learn as much about your new country as you can before you move there.

Local Communities

Filipino Nurses in Europe have learned the value of establishing groups and local communities. They have formed Nursing associations and communities that help and protect fellow Filipino nurses. These groups help in establishing and enforcing the rights of a Filipino nurse.

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