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Italy May Soon Hire Filipino Nurses
Apr 7, 2010

Filipino nurses are in demand in most First World countries such as United Kingdom (UK), United States of America (USA), Australia, etc. which have one thing in common- aging population. For this reason, the said countries opened their doors to foreign healthcare workers to fill up their job vacancies.  Another First World country - Italy may soon follow in the footsteps of the said countries as it addresses their problem of nursing shortage.


According to the former Ambassador of The Philippines to Italy,Philippe Lhuillier, Italy really needs to hire foreign nurses. The Ambassador said, "They really need nurses. There are hospitals, at least five of them near our embassy, that have closed shop because of the shortage in nurses."


The Ambassador added that there is a big chance that Italy may choose Filipino nurses over nurses of other nationalities. He said, "Italians love Filipinos because they are clean, and they work well."


Lhuilier also informed that Italy's law on hiring foreign workers is easier than before. Previous law requires foreign nurses to be fluent in Italian language thus the requirement to undergo an Italian language class for 4,500 hours in an Italian college.


Present law in Italynow allows Filipino nurses to be employed in their country upon passing a language exam that is given by the Ministry of Health in Italy. Nurses who want to work in Italycan enroll in a language course that teaches basic Italian language. The language course usually lasts for three months. They can also enroll in the free language class offered by the Philippine Embassy in Italy.

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