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Urgent Overseas Job Opening For Medical Workers in Saudi Arabia
Oct 8, 2010


Saudi Arabia is a prime destination for healthcare workers nowadays such as nurses, paramedics, medical technicians, etc. Hospitals and other medical institutions located in different cities of Saudi Arabia have urgent need for Filipino workers.


One of that is the Security Forces Hospital in Dammam, Saudi Arabia. They have job opening for medical and non-medical professionals. So if you want to upgrade your career in the medical field and your medical expertise is listed in the categories below, submit your comprehensive resume to Workgroup International Manpower Services (WINS) for evaluation and schedule of interview.


Medical Workers Needed:


        Paramedics: Radiology, Pharmacy, Clinical Pharmacy, Laboratory Physiotherapist, Optometrist, Dental Assistant

      Requirements: Bachelors Degree with 3 years experience


        Medical Technicians:

1.    Anesthesia, ECG< Dental, Dental Sterilization

          Requirements: Diploma in this field with 3 years experience

    1. CSSD Technician

         Requirements:- High School Diploma with 8 years experience of CSSD or OR   (8 years experience for Senior, 6 years for CSSD 1, 4 years for CSSD 2 and 2 years for CSSD 3)


Female Residents: OB/GYN, Pediatrics, General Medicine, E.R. Dentist

Requirements: MBBS + 2 years of experience in the same field



1.     Assistant Director of Nursing

Requirements: Master in Advance Nursing + 4 years experience

  • Nursing Supervisor

Requirements: Registered Nurse + 4 years experience in the same field


2.     Head Nurse

Requirements: Registered Nurse + 3 years experience in the same field


3.     Registered Nurse for Out-patient department, Dialysis, Day Surgery, Endoscopy, E.R. Theatre, Recovery Room, ICU, Cardiology, NICU, Ward (3rd and 4th Floor), VIP Ward

        Nurse 1: Requirements: Registered Nurse + 4 years experience in the same field

        Nurse 2: Requirements: Registered Nurse + 3 years experience in the same field

        Nurse 3: Requirements: Registered Nurse + 2 years experience in the same field


Midwifery: Requirements: Registered Nurse + Midwifery Diploma + 3 years of experience in the same field


Non-Medical Workers

1.     Administrator - I.T Programmer, Analytical System Programmer, Technician

2.     Electrical - Engineer, Superintendent, Technician

3.     Mechanical - Engineer, Superintendent, Technician

4.     Civil - Engineer, Superintendent, Technician

5.     Biomedical - Engineer, Technician

6.     Architect

7.     Laundryman, Technician

8.     Auto-Mechanic Technician

9.     Medical Record Encoder, Technician

10.  Medical Report Technician

11.  Maintenance, Storekeeper, Tailor, Dietician

12.  Male and Female Hospital Cleaners


For Inquiries:


Workgroup International Manpower Services

2F, Godino Bldg, 350 Villegas St., Ermita, Manila

Tel: 521-4246 / 524-8476 / 524-8317 Fax: 484-3905



You can also apply for these job openings at


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