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Tips to Pass the Nursing Board Exam

Passing the Nursing Licensure Examination (NLE) is the next challenge for nurses after graduation. This exam is very important because a passing score would earn them the license to legally practice nursing in the Philippines.


First-time board takers as well as the retakers would of course take necessary steps to prepare for the exam. It is not unusual for someone about to take the board to feel exhausted, stressed out, nervous, scared and excited Ė almost all kinds of emotions.


To make things easier, here are a few tips to help nurses earn their nursing license:



Listen attentively. Instead of focusing on taking down notes, it is more important to pay attention to the lecturer in the review class. If your concentration is on note-taking, you might miss some important tips that the lecturer is giving. Just jot down the main points of the lesson and listen to the lecture itself. At home, remember to go through your notes again to review the things you have learned.


Try to answer the test questions. Do not waste the handouts and sample board exam questions that are provided by the review centers. Read the materials and try to answer the sample questionnaires. Check your answers and see the areas where your answer is wrong so you can review on it further.


Try the magic of mnemonics. Studying for an exam is almost synonymous to doing a lot of memorizations. And making mnemonics will truly help you memorize things. Make your mnemonics easy to find by posting it in places you always see or frequent such as your desk, your bag, table, bedroom, etc.


Know the areas to concentrate on. Do a lot of reading on areas of nursing that dominates the test questions. Many questions in NLE deals with these areas: Maternal Nursing Psychiatric, Community Nursing and Research. Questions about drugs are rarely asked in NLE so you can make that area the least in your priority.  


Do your reading. Do not be content with the handouts that are given by your review centers. Expand your knowledge by going through other helpful books in Community Health Nursing and at other NLE review questionnaires. Textbooks written by Mr. Carl Balita are also recommended.


Ask a friend/s to be a study partner. It would be helpful if you can ask a friend (or group of friends) to be a study partner. This will benefit both of you as you can discuss the areas/topics that you find confusing. You can also ask questions to each other to test knowledge.


On days when you feel lazy and are neglecting your review materials, you can ask your study partner to reprimand and remind you of what you are supposed to be doing.



Take care of yourself. Aside from preparing for the board exam, it is likely that there are still other things that are occupying your mind such as your job, house duties, etc. All these can make you feel overwhelmed and weak.  


To help your body cope with the pressures, make sure that you eat nutritious foods and have enough rest. It is also recommended to take multivitamins to boost your immune system. A good supplement to take as it improves memory is Vitamin B complex. Regular exercise for at least 30 minutes several days a week can make your body stronger and your mind more alert.


Stay positive. Worrying never solves anything. Believe in yourself by doing all the necessary preparations so you will be confident on the day of the exam. Having a clear mind and a positive attitude will help you get that much coveted nursing license.


Have a study habit. Allot at least 1-hour time for review everyday. You are free to choose when to do your studying; it can be an hour after waking up or an hour before sleeping. It is important that you prepare yourself for the exam one day at a time than cram and try to stuff your mind with so much information a few days before the exam.


Believe in the power of prayers. Pray for wisdom and ask for Godís guidance. This one really works!


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