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10 Tips for Nurses to Prevent Medication Errors
Nov 12, 2015
Tips that can help nurses prevent committing medication errors.

Tips for New Nurses in the ICU
Nov 10, 2015
Having strategies in place to handle the overwhelming stress in the ICU will help a nurse from snapping under pressure.

How to Make a Nurse CV Stand Out
Nov 2, 2015
How can a nurse ace the job hunting with their CV?

Taking care of yourself: Beauty and style tips for nurses
Jun 17, 2015
These tips can help nurses stay beautiful, even with their busy schedules.

The Guide to a Nursesí Winning Resume
Jun 12, 2015
What should be written in a nurse' resume in order to be hired?

Things About Nursing Degrees You May or May Not Know
May 8, 2015
These things about nursing degrees may be new to you.

Skills that Excellent Nurses Have
May 1, 2015
Excellent nurses possesses these skills.

How Nursing Professionals Deal with Difficult Patients and Co-Workers
Apr 27, 2015
Nurses should learn how to handle not only the difficult patients but also their co-workers as well. These tips can help them have the right attitude and composure when everything else fails.

How to Convert DHA License to HAAD License
Mar 11, 2015
Nurses, are you required to convert your DHA license to HAAD license before you can work in UAE? Well, we have here steps on how you can do it.

Why Men Should Choose Nursing as their Career Path
Mar 9, 2015
We'll give you reasons why men should choose to be a nurse as their career. Because nursing is not only for women, you know.

DHA and HAAD: Information Nurses Would Want to Know
Mar 4, 2015
Healthcare workers, specially nurses, needs to have either a DHA or HAAD license in order to be accepted to work in UAE. But what is DHA and HAAD anyway?

These 10 Foods Will Help You Deal With Stress
Feb 9, 2015
10 foods that surprisingly can help reduce the stress level in our body. 

We Are Not What You Think We Are! Breaking The 10 Famous Career Myths About Nurses
Feb 2, 2015
It is a common practice. People often times have stereotyped judgement about other people. And among them victims of misconceptions are nurses. Maybe, the urban legends has something to do with it. Just kidding. So here we are, yelling to universe for all nurses in the universe what and who we really. It's time to bust the myths.

Job Hunting Guide For Nurses: How To Get Hired
Jan 5, 2015
The huge number of nursing graduates made the competition to land a nursing job so hard for many. So a nurse that is determined to succeed can’t afford to slack and just let fate do the job hunting for him or her. If you are still unemployed after submitting resumes to many companies and hospitals, there may be something wrong in your job hunting. Take note of the following pointers to help nurses get hired.  

Iím A Newly Grad Nurse, But I Canít Find a Job! Why?
Dec 26, 2014
New nurses who have just graduated adds to the number of other nurses who can't find a job. There are factors to consider why many of these nurse graduates don't land a job right away wiht their nursing profession. 


Total of 331 articles
Displays 15/page
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