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Songs To Cheer Up Nurses – and Every One Else Who Need Comfort
Apr 18, 2014
Hey, nurses! Put that poker face off and show the radiance of your perky self. Check out this list of feel-good songs to invigorate you or, at least, songs that will make you smile especially when you’re heading toward the burnout point.  

How to Deal With Workplace Stress
Apr 16, 2014
All nurses may agree that workplace stress is normal — but you can do something to shield yourself from the excessive job tensions. Here's help taking charge. 

When Nurses Bully Nurses
Apr 4, 2014
Like any other professions worldwide, nurses get to experience bullying too. Bullying, as we all know, can affect someone's esteem and may even lead to hunting for another employment in search for a friendlier community.

For A Million Lifetimes
Mar 31, 2014
Medicine is not just a huge word but a tough world as well. In this article, Chelsea Angeli R. del Castillo, medicine graduate from the University of Santo Tomas shares the wisdom she gained and reveals how she reached the point of forgetting what her heart and own desires are as she search high heaven in her chosen field.

5 Common Reasons Why Nurses Get Fired
Mar 28, 2014
Being fired is not cool and nobody ever wants to experience it. In the medical profession, termination damages the reputation of a healthcare practitioner for good. NursingGuide lists 5 common grounds that may cause job loss for the nurses. 

Urgent Jobs in a Clinic in Kuwait, No Placement Fee
Mar 25, 2014
Eyeing healthcare jobs in Kuwait? These job vacancies may be for you.

5 Effective Time Management Tips for Newb Nurses
Mar 13, 2014
Prioritizing and organizing is vital for nurses. However, newly grads may find it a little difficult managing their time because of the rapid and hectic pace of nursing. When the sheer volume of works flood in, try to apply these tips.

10 Highest Paying Nursing Careers
Mar 11, 2014
Obviously, we are nurses (or getting there) because we consider this to be our profession. Why not? Nursing is one the best careers in the industry. There are no other careers offering as many and diversified opportunities as nursing does. And while we cherish this profession, let's take a look at the top paying nursing careers based in annual salary in US. 

Be Ready and Get Hired! Interview Questions for Newly-grad Nurses
Mar 10, 2014
Before jump starting your career, it all starts with job searching and of course, job interviews.  We listed few common questions asked to nurses during job interviews for the greater chance to be chosen by the hospital of your choice.

Of Singapore and Filipino Nurses
Mar 4, 2014
Over the last decade or so, Singapore's economy and people have steadily grown to be the South East Asian giant that they are today. Each year adds another slew of investors both local and foreign just waiting to take part in the Singaporean economic boom. Such growth is bound to bring a lot of economic possibilities for the country. And included in that list of possibilities is the foreseeable increase in job opportunities.

How to Sleep Better: Tips for Nurses Working in Random Shifts
Feb 27, 2014
Here are the things to do to adjust melatonin production to get that most-awaited shut-eye hours -- when keep-a-regular-sleep-schedule cliché tip is not applicable nor achievable for a nurse.   

Qualities That Make A Nurse Exceptional
Feb 21, 2014
We asked nurses via our Facebook page to know what they think what a nurse should posses to become an exceptionally good nurse.  Read and find out what some of them have to say about it.

HAAD Exam for Nurses: A Quick Glance
Feb 18, 2014
Nurses who wish to work in Abu Dhabi, United Arab Emirates(UAE) would always encounter the word HAAD certificate as one of the major requirements. The emirate of Abu Dhabi requires all medical professionals who wish to work in their area of jurisdiction to be registered at Health Authority Abu Dhabi (HAAD).

We Are Not What You Think We Are! Breaking The 10 Famous Career Myths About Nurses
Feb 10, 2014
It is a common practice. People often times have stereotyped judgement about other people. And among them victims of misconceptions are nurses. Maybe, the urban legends has something to do with it. Just kidding. So here we are, yelling to universe for all nurses in the universe what and who we really. It's time to bust the myths. & Philstar to Hold a Job Fair this March
Feb 4, 2014
Looking for an overseas job? You may find it in the upcoming and the Philippine Star Job Fair this March!


Total of 291 articles
Displays 15/page
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