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Job Openings Abroad for Filipino Nurses
Sep 9, 2014
Filipino nurses looking for a chance to work abroad can choose from these job openings to apply.

Being A Caregiver in Canada
Sep 5, 2014
As each day goes by, new lessons are learned from the people and things in the surroundings of a caregiver.  These lessons contribute to the well-being of a caregiver, thus making him or her a better healthcare worker providing assistance to those who needs it.  What are the lessons you've acquired?

Male Nurses are Better than Female Nurses - Research
Aug 4, 2014
Why male nurses are better than female nurses? Turn away right now if you were either offended or in any way upset.

Social Media Tips for Nurses
Aug 2, 2014
With a simple internet scan, they can quickly find out information about you through social media networks such as Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Google and many more. 

How to be a Registered Nurse in Canada
Jul 20, 2014
Registered Nurses with skills and experience in specialty areas and those willing to work in smaller or isolated communities are in the most demand. Nursing employment is growing after several years of healthcare restructuring and hospital downsizin

What are the Craziest Things Patients Say to Nurses
Jul 16, 2014
Whether inappropriate, inconsiderate, or just plain weird or whether it's a fear of hospitals or vulnerability that comes with health problems and wearing a hospital outfit, nurses hear wild statements from patients' mouths on a near-daily basis.

Reasons Why You Should Date A Nurse
Jul 10, 2014
How does a nurse convince someone outside the medical field that beneath that strange work stories about bodily functions and work schedule, there's a great partner?

How Do Nurses Cope With Death
Jul 7, 2014
Learning coping mechanisms to deal with the sadness of losing a particular patient will help you to continue working and caring for those who rely on your expertise and compassion.

How to Have Patience with Patients
Jun 24, 2014
Why nurses need a lot of patience? Mastering the elusive quality of patience can provide surprisingly remarkable benefits. 

RX means Prescription
Jun 16, 2014
Why does RX stand for prescription since 'prescription' starts with 'P'.

Tips for New Nursing Grads
Jun 3, 2014
Being a new nurse can be really scary. If you are lucky then you have a lengthy amount of time that you get to spend with your instructor. This is something that only the few dedicated to the profession are able to complete and you have done it.          

Nursing: A Job Not Just for Anybody
May 28, 2014
Is nursing a job or a profession? Can someone who just wanted to help and provide healthcare to others take up the course and eventually graduate and practice?

Ways to Optimize Night-Shift Work
May 23, 2014
Working at night is an essential part of providing a comprehensive 24-hour service to patients. Here are five strategies for making the night shift work in your favor.

Advantages and Disadvantages of Night Shift
May 21, 2014
Although it's possible to choose a regular shift in the nursing profession, nurses have to be flexible and work both day and night shifts when required. 

Tips for New Nurses: 5 Ways to Thrive In Your First Job
May 16, 2014
5 basic pointers for new nurses to cope with their first job blues.


Total of 308 articles
Displays 15/page
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