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How to Convert DHA License to HAAD License
Mar 11, 2015
Nurses, are you required to convert your DHA license to HAAD license before you can work in UAE? Well, we have here steps on how you can do it.

Why Men Should Choose Nursing as their Career Path
Mar 9, 2015
We'll give you reasons why men should choose to be a nurse as their career. Because nursing is not only for women, you know.

DHA and HAAD: Information Nurses Would Want to Know
Mar 4, 2015
Healthcare workers, specially nurses, needs to have either a DHA or HAAD license in order to be accepted to work in UAE. But what is DHA and HAAD anyway?

These 10 Foods Will Help You Deal With Stress
Feb 9, 2015
10 foods that surprisingly can help reduce the stress level in our body. 

We Are Not What You Think We Are! Breaking The 10 Famous Career Myths About Nurses
Feb 2, 2015
It is a common practice. People often times have stereotyped judgement about other people. And among them victims of misconceptions are nurses. Maybe, the urban legends has something to do with it. Just kidding. So here we are, yelling to universe for all nurses in the universe what and who we really. It's time to bust the myths.

Job Hunting Guide For Nurses: How To Get Hired
Jan 5, 2015
The huge number of nursing graduates made the competition to land a nursing job so hard for many. So a nurse that is determined to succeed can’t afford to slack and just let fate do the job hunting for him or her. If you are still unemployed after submitting resumes to many companies and hospitals, there may be something wrong in your job hunting. Take note of the following pointers to help nurses get hired.  

Iím A Newly Grad Nurse, But I Canít Find a Job! Why?
Dec 26, 2014
New nurses who have just graduated adds to the number of other nurses who can't find a job. There are factors to consider why many of these nurse graduates don't land a job right away wiht their nursing profession. 

Medical Transcriptionist: Best Alternative Job for Unemployed Nurses
Dec 19, 2014
Unemployed nurses or those who are still waiting for the board exam result should not let their skills and expertise stuck; hence, they should find other ways on how to get going in spite of the lack of opportunities for nurses in the country.  

600+ Filipino Nurses Needed in Singapore
Dec 17, 2014
Good news for Filipino nurses who wants to work abroad. A POEA-licensed recruitment agency is looking for Filipino nurses to fill job vacancies of medical institutions in Singapore.

Filipino Nurses in Demand around the World
Dec 10, 2014
Filipino nurses are continuing to be in demand in overseas jobs because of their dedication to their nursing profession. Filipino nurses who wants to work abroad can browse these job openings for opportunities abroad.

10 Things New Nurses Should Learn
Dec 3, 2014
New nurses feels intimidated by their superior nurse, and is sometimes conscious of how things will turn out at the end of the day.But most nurses should learn this, to cope with the feeling of being a neophyte in the field of nursing.

How to Pass NCLEX
Nov 24, 2014
Many nurses bound for United States USA are afraid of taking the National Council Licensure EXamination-Registered Nurse (NCLEX) because aside from the fact that the application cost is pretty expensive, NCLEX is not an easy exam and quite many examiners fail to obtain a passing mark.

Job Openings in Singapore for Filipino Nurses
Nov 19, 2014
Singapore needs Filipino nurses to work in their hospitals and health care facilities.

Tips for Nurses: How to Have a Successful Relationship
Nov 11, 2014
Nurses may be very busy fulfilling their profession which make them seem like they have no time for their personal life.  But as nurses we do know this is not true.  

10 Useful Tips for Night Shift Nurses
Nov 6, 2014
Night shift nurses may be hard for some nurses. But since it's part of nurses' duty to do shifting schedules, this can't be avoided. Read more about some useful tips for nurses on night shift duties.  


Total of 323 articles
Displays 15/page
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