Taking care of yourself: Beauty and style tips for nurses

We nurses spend back-to-back shifts taking care of other people and attending to their needs – but doing this does not mean we have to set aside our own needs!


The long hours can make it difficult to stay on top of fashion trends or beauty regimens, but these are things that should not be taken for granted, as it’s also important to pay attention to our own grooming and sense of style.


Here are some easy and practical style and beauty tips for busy nurses:


Have a “brighten up” kit in your bag

Hour-long shifts do not mean you can’t look fresh the entire time. Always have a kit in your bag that contains essentials for a fresh look – a mild face cleaner to brighten up the face, and some moisturizer to keep your skin hydrated.


If your hospital or workplace allows some makeup, apply a bit of light blusher and light-shaded lip-gloss or lipstick to add color to your face. No need for mascaras or eye shadow – you’re going to the NICU, not a night out.



Let your hair breathe 

Almost all hospitals require nurses to keep their hair up in a bun, which helps us look neat all the time. The downside for your hair here is that it can get prone to tangles and strand breaking every time it’s tied tightly in a bun.


To help keep your hair healthy, let it loose as soon as your shift is over, and every time you’re not in the hospital. This helps the hair regain its volume and avoids split ends and other damage.



Play up your personality with accessories 

Don’t be limited to your uniform! Accessories can help brighten up your outfit as well as express your style and personality. This can be done through a statement watch, or a dainty pair of earrings. Or wear a pastel-colored cardigan on top of your uniform while at the nurse’s station.


Make sure you do not overdo the accessories – choose a statement piece that can be loud or colorful, and keep it simple for the rest. Too much and it can call unwanted attention!



Don’t forget to hydrate 

In the hustle and bustle of patient rounds and filling out records, a lot of nurses forget to hydrate and drink water. Remember that the key to glowing skin is hydration. Don’t forget to drink water throughout your shift, especially if you’re taking the night shift.


To help you remember, bring a large water bottle or tumbler. Take several pieces of masking tape and label your water bottle with the different times you’d like to finish your water bottle. This will serve as a reminder to drink so that you’ll reach your water level target by a certain time.

The best way to take care of others is to make sure you take care of yourself as well. Stay in tiptop shape and you’ll be at the top of your nursing game! 






 Published at: 06/17/2015