Successful Nurses Habits

What defines a successful nurse? Is it the highest-paid nurse? Or the darling of the whole healthcare facility? Maybe, it’s the busiest nurse in the department?

A successful nurse is someone who makes such impression on their patient care, without boasting about being successful because he or she thought that they’re only doing their job.

These are the habits of highly successful nurses:

  • They follow the right step needed for every patient care. Nurses should not, and must not, take shortcuts just to shorten up the time for the whole process. A successful nurse will be the first to correct a co-nurse who would do such, because he or she knows that their patient’s safety will be in jeopardy if a single step is missed.
  • They are punctual. Successful nurses do know that every minute can make a difference for their patient. Being on time is a must for them, and not even Mother Earth’s wrath can hinder them on being punctual.
  • They are keen on every detail. No smallest and tiniest detail can slip the successful nurses’ attention. Not even the corner dirt, the outdated IV tubing and misarranged appliances at their homes. That’s how keen they are!
  • They do things one at a time. Most of the successful nurses do their duties in a very calm manner. ‘Rushing’ is not in their veins. No matter how chaotic the situation maybe, they’re just taking things in a relaxed way with a delight smile on their faces.
  • Learning is a continuing process for them. Every day is a great day to learn new things for the successful nurse. They don’t consider that being a nurse for a long time or being in different areas/department is enough for them. These nurses are always eager to acquire new ideas from co-nurses, especially the new ones to update what they may already know.
  • They always have extra time to volunteer. If for other nurses it feels like their whole day is not enough to fulfil their responsibilities, a successful nurse on the other hand always have those extra time to lend a hand. They won’t mind the added hours, whether it be before or after their shifts, because they just enjoy and love their job as nurses.

Every successful nurse will always stand out, get noticed. It is because of their perseverance, dedication and hard work that they become a prominent nurse.


 Published at: 08/03/2015