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Phil. Management Inc.
Additional Info:
Phil.Management Inc. is a Philippine-organized and registered corporation engaged in the business of providing consultancy and advisory services. We have been successfully involved in various areas relative to Philippine transactions or business matters of foreign entities by providing our clientele the needed support and technical expertise to help them establish their business in the Philippines.

While we have made our presence felt in the business consultancy industry, we also acknowledge that, to be able to expand the scope of our service, we must explore other venues where our involvement can make a similarly substantial impact. Thus, we have diversified our services to include processing of student visas for the steadily growing number of people who seek opportunities for advancement abroad by acquiring an education from overseas institutions. We offer an alternative option to enter UK and to acquire the UK Standards.

With our team of highly-qualified professionals, along with our partnership with key educational institutions in leading countries of destination, we commit ourselves to helpingaspiring individuals prepare for the global job market through education.

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Get the chance to study and work in UK as we open limitless opportunities for you abroad...

Take your first step to success as we invite you to our STUDY WORK IN UK Orientation on January 26, 2010...

check out our website and video for company details and information:

For reservations and slots kindly call us through our company trunkline at 687-0165...

Unit 1608, East Tower Philippine Stock Exchange Centre Exchange Road, Ortigas Center 1605 Pasig City, Philippines
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Phil.Management Inc
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Reader Comments for Phil. Management Inc.
 In my case together with the others we were not able to go to UK in 2010. They reasoned out that the immigration of UK unfortunately chaned their policies for immigration. It was reasonable but they did NOT GIVE A REFUND! We payed a hundred thousand pesos.hopimg that we can leave but it just went to thrash!!! - (Allan)

 can anyone tell us if this firm is really good or is it just too good to be true? i have attended their orientation and am really interested however i just wanted to be sure that after i completed my bridging course i would really be employed as a nurse.. any comments would be appreciated. thanks. - (Erika)

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