Male Nurses are Better than Female Nurses - Research

Why male nurses are better than female nurses? Turn away right now if you were either offended or in any way upset.


According to a research, male nurses provide unique character attributes to the nursing profession. It's surprising how many females want and appreciate a male nurse. Little old ladies seem to be smitten when a male nurse cares for them. Men who are nurses must be vocal and influence other men to enter the nursing world.


So, do male make better nurses than female? Yes, they do, and here are the reasons why:


  • Considerate. Strangely, female nurses often fail to grasp the logic of this and falsely accuse the male nurse of being lazy or incompetent. Much more than female nurses, the male nurse will always look to leave some unfinished work from his shift, thus allowing the oncoming staff member the opportunity to get stuck straight into it.
  • Far Fewer Mistakes.  Male nurses make far fewer medication errors than their female counterparts as they often do one thing at a time, but do it very well.
  • Better Sense of Humor.  The entire male nurse's are on the ground in hysterics at this little beauty, while the female nurse's will be simply shaking their heads in bewilderment.
  • Far More Valuable.  To achieve HR parity, the ratio of males to females in clinical nurse roles and upwards through to senior management is skewed towards men or is it simply because hey are smarter? In a strange sort of reverse sexism way, the small number of men in the nursing profession has worked against the women.
  • Serenity.  Male nurses are always a pleasure to work with being calm and serene in their demeanour and never appearing stressed. It's because the male nurse doesn't need to think or make any decisions for them.
  • Far more Reliable.  Female nurses take more time off to look after sick children, male nurses don't. Female nurses get pregnant, male nurses don't.
  • Value for Money. If therefore makes sense that if male nurses get paid more than female nurses they must be better. The more something costs the better it is.


Once again, “Male nurses are better than Female nurses!” Agree or Disagree?






 Published at: 08/04/2015