10 Obsolete Nursing Skills

Take a look back at some of the nursing skills that have been in practice.


  Published at: 10/28/2017

They Say Women May Feel Itchy Down There Because Of...

Reasons why women feel uneasy down that spot.

 Published at: 08/08/2016

What Nurses Should Remember When Injecting Insulin

Where would a nurse inject insulin to the patient? Read tips on where a nurse should inject the syringe.

 Published at: 03/01/2016

It’s All a Lie! 10 Food Myths To Clear

We all have heard of myths about almost everything from everyone. And foods are no exception to this.  

 Published at: 02/19/2016

Nurses Should Wear Compression Socks Because…

These reasons are more than enough to make a nurse wear compression socks.  

 Published at: 02/17/2016

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