Trauma-informed care: What nurses can do

Caring for patients with a history of traumatic life events requires a high level of sensitivity and compassion.


  Published at: 12/30/2017

How Nurses Can Reduce Their Stress Levels

All nurses must give themselves time away from their profession.

 Published at: 12/15/2017

Nurses, help! You may have open-heart surgery patients infected with this bacteria

Nurses, your previous patients may have been infected with a bacteria obtained from contaminated devices.

 Published at: 12/01/2017

8 Awesome Self-Care Tools for Nurses

Self-care is as important as patient care and nurses must advocate for themselves because no one will.

 Published at: 11/02/2017

6 Ways to Improve Your Mood

The events in a nursing environment can bring out the best and worst from a nurse.

 Published at: 10/30/2017

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