11 Tips How to Have a Successful Career and Fulfilling Personal Life

The challenge of work-life balance is without question, one of the most significant struggles faced by modern man.


It can be incredibly difficult to feel a sense of balance when we are juggling with careers, personal responsibilities, family time, self-care, social time, community service and more.


It requires a significant focus on priorities, ruthless elimination of time-sucking activities. By being very focused and purposeful about where to spend time and energy, one can achieve the elusive sense of balance.


People who have achieved fulfilling successful lives have specific habits. While most people find it very difficult to be amazing and satisfied both at work and in their personal lives, the successful, fulfilled people know it’s not impossible.


Learn the habits of successful people to higher levels of fulfilling success.


Be clear on what you want. Know exactly what you want to achieve. Know what is important and set crystal clear targets to aim for in your career and lives. Set very specific goals that align with your priorities then direct your time and efforts toward achieving these goals.


Define success in your terms. Learn to define success in your own way. Understand that you can only be satisfied if you achieve success from things that truly matter. Yes, you can appreciate the value of hard work, but the most common definition of a successful life is often more holistic than just achieving financial results.


Stand your ground. Understand the importance of saying “no”. Set boundaries so you can focus your lives and work on what matters most. Avoid falling prey to enticing goals that don’t align with their true purpose, priorities, and passion.


Be highly productive. Know how to get things done. Know that in order to “have it all” and be able to balance careers and personal lives, you need to avoid wasting time. When you aspire to do something, you should get it done.


Be strategic with time. Strategically fit work into your ideal lifestyle. As a result, your hard-earned success doesn’t feel overwhelming. Try to perceive time differently and you will start to make every second count.


Be confident with your decisions. Start to build confidence from within to make powerful decisions. Make choices that align with who you are and what you truly want. Courageously turn down opportunities that don’t line up with your values.


Know your priorities. As said, have clarity about your priorities. Work hard but avoid a “succeed at all cost” mentality. Successful people achieve great results in their careers because they are also high performers in other areas of life that matters to them.


Don’t get jealous of others. Don’t feel threatened by the success of others. Instead, congratulate and praise their achievements. Be happy to create your own version of success and enjoy.


Be disciplined. You are in charge of creating the best in your lives. Be able to realize that you are in control of what to do in your life and to stick to your plan to achieve your goal.


Learn to delegate. Start to declutter your life. Delegate tasks at work and in your personal lives so you can enjoy more time freedom and do more of what you love.


Be grateful but not complacent. Always appreciate what you have. However, strive to achieve more. Do this because you can use your success to make a positive impact on others.




 Published at: 11/24/2017