6 Ways to Improve Your Mood

The human psyche is as complicated as it is vast. It encompasses all the thoughts and feelings that are consciously and unconsciously utilized by the body to react to certain social and physical environment. Mood changes are directly affected by different factors. Whether from internal or external sources, it is always manifested by the body through actions and/or emotions.


Since moods are borne from the human psyche, there are factors that can drastically change them from positive to negative and vice versa. This includes:


  • Chemical imbalances

  • Nutrition

  • Stress

  • Environment

  • Mindset

  • Social interactions

  • Facial expressions


The events in a nursing environment can bring out the best and worst for a nurse. And though nurses should be as calm and composed as they can be, mood swings can’t be avoided. This can happen instantly or gradually. But the main thing to remember is that there are ways to consciously change your mood.


  1. Be keen on what you eat. Nutrients that the body needs are usually found in the food that we eat. As the body processes food, nutrients are utilized by the body with the help of hormones. These hormones have a direct effect on our moods such as the endorphins or the happy hormones.

  2. Sleep regularly. Though nurses don’t have a ‘normal’ sleeping pattern, it is still important to have enough sleep on a daily basis. It has been proven that people who have little, interrupted, or no sleep tend to be more irritable, depressed or riddled with anxiety. A regular sleeping pattern can reduce mood swings.

  3. Take time to meditate. Take time to pause, step back from the external stress sources and meditate for a while. This can tune out distractions and clear out internal stresses too like anxiety, self-doubt etc.

  4. Proper supplement intake. Some mood disorders caused by hormonal imbalance can be corrected by taking supplements such as B-complex vitamins.

  5. Encourage, Motivate, Believe. Dwelling the fact that you are in a bad mood actually puts you in a worse mood and vice versa. Reiterate to yourself the positive aspects of your life to revert out of your mood, motivate yourself and believe that there are more good things to celebrate.

  6. Be silly. Practice weird, silly facial expressions or immerse yourself in silly activities once in a while to combat bad moods. A simple act of smiling even if you do not feel like it can actually boost your mood to a certain degree.  


 Published at: 10/30/2017